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One of the most frustrating things thatcan happen when you are taking apart your filter to clean it is theclamp is stuck on the filter.
This happens often with the springbarrel nut type clamps commonly found on the Pentair FNS Plus, Clean& clear Plus and the Quad D.E. Filters. I also see this issuewith the Hayward filter clamps but more so on the Pentair filters.The only real solution is to install a new Clamp Assembly on thefilter.

Basically the threaded part of theclamp gets stripped by a nut that is put on a little off center. Thisis pretty much unavoidable as the filter clamp starts to get old andthe threads will begin to strip over time. There is no way to safelyrepair this as the filter is under tremendous pressure and if theclamp breaks the filter tank top will explode off. If you are unluckyand standing next to it when that happens, the results can be fatal.So as soon as you discover that the clamp is not going back onwithout a Herculean effort as you tighten the nut or if the nut seemsto miss some threads as you tighten it, replace the clampimmediately.

Pentair uses the same Clamp Assembly onall three of it's most popular filters and I find that this clamp inparticular on the older filters is prone to wear out. If you need topurchase a new one for your filter this clamp fits all FNS Plus,Clean and Clear Plus and Quad D.E. Filters:

Pentair190003 Tension Control Clamp Kit Replacement Rosenberg TX Pool and Spa Filter:

Hayward makes a few different models.If you have a Perflex D.E. filter this is the one you probably need:

HaywardECX5000C Clamp Assembly with Spring:

For other Haywardfilter try this clamp:
These clamps arefilter specific so you must get the exact replacement clamp for yourfilter. Some of the older filters may have discontinued making theclamp so you might have to bring your old one into a local Rosenberg TX pool storeand see of they can match it up. Sometimes you can also get away withjust replacing the Spring Barrel and Nut and get one or two more usesout of the clamp. But generally if you are having a hard timetightening it down you need to just replace it.
Thebest way to prevent the threads on the clamp from stripping is to usethe Multi-Tork Socket tool to get the nut on and off the filter. Ifind that as I am using these socket tools that the nut goes on verysmoothly and evenly. I think the threads will strip more easily ifyou are using a standard hand wrench to tighten it or loosen it. Isuggest getting the Multi-Tork Sockets to prevent the clamp frombeing damaged when you take your filter apart to clean it.

Youcan learn more about the Multi-Tork Socket Sets here:

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Multi-Tork MT-100H Socket for HaywardFilters & Harmsco Filters:
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