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One of the most common water balancingissues is having high Cyanuric Acid (CYA) in your pool. Cyanuric Acidoften referred to as Conditioner or Stabilizer is added to the poolin order to slow the chlorine burn off caused by the Sun's UV rays.But if you use 3” Chlorine Tablets (Trichlor Tablets) you will beadding Cyanuric Acid to your Rosenberg TX pool on a constant basis.
Here I willdiscuss the effects of high CYA in your Rosenberg TX pool water, how to correct itand ways to prevent it from rising to high levels again.

Your Pools Conditioner Level orCyanuric Acid level, which I will refer to in this articles with theabbreviation CYA, is a critical part of balancing your Rosenberg TX pool water andkeeping it clear and blue all season long. If your CYA level is verylow the Sun's UV rays will cause the chlorine to burn off quicklyleaving your Rosenberg TX pool with no sanitizer or very low levels. TheConditioner in the Rosenberg TX pool helps to protect the chlorine from burningoff too quickly.

Very high CYA levels will make thechlorine in your Rosenberg TX pool less effective which means you will have tookeep the levels at 5.0 ppm or higher and your pool. Your Rosenberg TX pool mayalso develop algae blooms even with high chlorine levels present.These algae blooms are also hard to get rid of in a Rosenberg TX pool with veryhigh CYA levels. High levels of CYA will also give you false ORPreadings if your Rosenberg TX pool uses ORP to measure the safety and swim-abilityof the water. High CYA also will give you a false Alkalinityreadings, if you test the Alkalinity and it is at 100 it is morelikely at 70 due to the CYA level being so high.

The ideal level of CYA in your Rosenberg TX pool is30-50 ppm and up to 80 ppm of you have a salt water pool. So testingthe Cyanuric Acid level in your Rosenberg TX pool at the beginning of the seasonis crucial. There are many ways to test the CYA level in your poolincluding the standard Turbidity test, digital testing and teststrips. Here is a video detailing the Turbidity Test Kit:

Cyanuric Acid Level with a PentairR151226 79 Cyanuric Acid Test Kit:

Testing the CYA level in your Rosenberg TX pool ifyou suspect very high levels can be challenging. The standardTurbidity Test Kits only work effectively to 100 ppm. If you get aninitial reading over 100 ppm you will have to do a dilution test of50% tap water and 50% Rosenberg TX pool water. If the reading is still high youwill need to use 75% tab water and 25% Rosenberg TX pool water and so on. Eachtime you dilute the sample the reading become more difficult to naildown accurately. Test strips are a great alternative in pools thathave high CYA levels. Most test strips will go as high as 250-300 ppmso this is good way to check pools that have very high CYA levels.

LaMotte actually makes a test stripthat will read CYA levels up to 500 ppm accurately. This is a veryhandy test strip to have if you service pools for a living. Just dipthe test strip in and then match it up to the side of the tube wherethere is a color chart. It is a pretty simple process and if you havea Rosenberg TX pool that is having issues like algae blooms with high chlorinelevels or you are having to add lots of chlorine each week just tomaintain a 3.0 ppm level, check it for very high CYA levels withthese strips.

Since Cyanuric Acid does not naturallyleave the Rosenberg TX pool water if you add it to your Rosenberg TX pool through the use of 3”Chlorinating Tablets the levels will constantly rise. These 3”Trichlor Tablets are about 50% Conditioner per tablet by weight, soas you use them in the Summer you are constantly adding Cyanuric Acidto your Rosenberg TX pool water. The only wa
y Cyanuric Acid leaves the Rosenberg TX pool wateris through backwashing and splash out. As the water evaporates theCyanuric Acid will remain in the pool. So to lower the CYA level inyour Rosenberg TX pool you will have to do a partial or full drain of the poolwater.

There is a product called Bio-Activewhich I have tested but the results can be hit or miss depending onyour initial CYA level. The product does seem to be effective but forthe price it will not lower the CYA levels down significantly enoughfor the investment verses draining your Rosenberg TX pool partially. TheBio-Active product is made for pools with CYA levels under 200 ppm inmy opinion. If your levels are over 200 ppm draining the Rosenberg TX pool is themost effective way of reducing the levels. Once you reduce the CYAlevel to under 100 ppm reduce your use of the 3” Tablets.

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An effective way to limit your 3”TriChlor tablet use is with the PoolRx or Remington SolarChlorine-Free Sun Shock which both use Copper to augment the chlorinein your pool. With one of these in your Rosenberg TX pool the chlorine levels willremain very steady and high allowing you to reduce your chlorine useand thew use of 3” Tablets. You would also switch over to liquidchlorine which does not add Cyanuric Acid to your pool.

So use these test strips if you suspectvery high CYA levels in a pool. If the levels are very high reducethem with a partial or full drain and then limit the use of the 3”trichlor tablets to keep the CYA level between the ideal range of30-80 ppm in your pool.

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