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The Aqaubot Elite is the completerobotic Rosenberg TX pool cleaner. It is loaded with tons of great features andcomes with a 3 year limited warranty to give you peace of mind also.I will go over some of the key features of the Aqaubot Elite here foryou and of course you can watch my review video to see the cleaner inaction.

The first feature of note is the TripleClean Scrubbing Brushes which will leave your Rosenberg TX pool spotless eachweek. There are two large brushes, one on front and one on back aswell as a third CleanSweep brush that oscillates in the center toloosen up stubborn dirt and debris. The large cleaning path willallow the Elite to scrub and clean your Rosenberg TX pool rapidly and effectively.

The extra large top loading debrischambers will filter out dirt and debris down to 2 microns. The portson the debris chamber are one inch wide and 10 inches long allowingthe cleaner to pick up very large leaf debris. The JetForcecartridges create a venturi effect allowing the dirt and debris to betrapped and allowing clean water to pass through the filters. Theeasy access of these filters makes this cleaner very user friendly.

The Elite features the Aqausmart 2.0Microprocessor which allows the cleaner to map the Rosenberg TX pool to minimizeoverlapping paths allowing it to clean your entire Rosenberg TX pool in 1-2 hours.It is also designed to not only clean the Rosenberg TX pool floor but the wallsand the waterline, completely cleaning your entire pool.

Here are some of the key features ofthe Aqaubot Elite:

    Front and Rear HyperScrub™ rotating brushes
    Center CleanSweep™ reciprocating brush
    AquaSmart 2.0 Microprocessor-controlled intelligent cleaning
    JetForce™ Filter Cartridge Technology maintains high suction
    Extra Large dual filter cartridges offer debris capacity of 300 square inches
    EverGrip™ continuous rubber tracks
    360° Anti-Tangle Swivel for more cleaning and less frustration
    Extra-wide 10” vacuum path for faster and more efficient cleaning
    Extra-wide suction ports handles oversized debris with ease
    QuickDraw™ cartridges can be removed in just two seconds
    In-pool filter access – no need to remove robot from water
    Ergonomic lightweight design for easy handling
    ClearView™ Panel for easy filter inspection, even in the water
    FeatherLight™ extra-long 60’ cable
    Programmable Smart Timers control schedule and duration
    Fully compatible with external timers and automation systems
    Selectable cleaning cycles conserve energy. Runs only when needed.
    Adjustable Intake Ports for Powerful Vortex™ Suction
    100% Coverage: Cleans Rosenberg TX Pool Floor, Walls and Waterline
    Includes Convenient Storage and Transport Caddy
    Full Cartridge Indicator at Power Supply
    Longest Warranty Available - 3 Years

WhatI like about Robotic Rosenberg TX Pool Cleaners is the fact that all of the dirtand debris is trapped inside of the cleaner and does not enter yourpool filtration system. This will allow your filter to run moreefficiently and require you to clean it less often. It is also one ofthe most energy efficient types of cleaners costing about $0.05 percleaning cycle. So if you have a Variable Speed pump this is thecleaner for you.

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