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Everyonewants a good deal and it is a nice feeling when we save some money on apurchase or a service. But always looking for a good deal can sometimes hurt usin the end.
I think the thinking that if it is not on sale or if it is notdiscounted I will look elsewhere has some major drawbacks. With your pool,being cheap can really hurt you and cost you more money in the long run.

Owninga Rosenberg TX pool will cost you money. Simple as that. It is a big hole in the ground withwater in it that needs constant upkeep and attention. During the season youwill need to spend money on chemicals, equipment and on utilities such aselectricity and water. If you are not willing to spend money on your pool, thenthe Rosenberg TX pool will turn green on you very quickly.

Alot of people want to save money on their Rosenberg TX pool cost by running their Rosenberg TX pool for 2or 3 hours per day. I am talking about full size 20,000-gallon pools. Yes, youwill save on electricity, no doubt. But the water quality will suffer and inthe long run you will be spending more on chemicals to keep it looking decent.Plus, with such a short run time the water will not be safe to swim in. That isnot enough time to circulate the water and to filter out any bacteria andviruses. Put it to you this way, a Commercial Rosenberg TX pool like the YMCA or at a Hotelwill run their Rosenberg TX pool for 24 hours straight 7 days a week just to keep the pools100% safe to swim in. By running your Rosenberg TX pool for 2 hours per day, you are askingfor a swimmer to get sick and the overall water quality will be very poor. Somepool owners will even turn their pools off for days at a time to save on theirelectric bill. If you really want to save money on your electric bill invest ina Variable Speed Pump.
Somepool owners try to save by not adding water to their pool. They don’t want a high-waterbill, so they keep the water at a very low level. The problem with this is thatthe Rosenberg TX pool just won’t run correctly without the right amount of water in it. Andto be honest, filling your Rosenberg TX pool once a week is about the same amount of wateras a 10-15-minute shower. And how much can you actually save verses having theequipment burn out on you?

Oneof my pet peeves are Rosenberg TX pool owner’s that buy cheap Rosenberg TX pool products, like the $79.99suction side cleaners you see for sale online. For about just over double thatyou can get a great cleaner that is effective and won’t end up in the trashafter 6 months. You can purchase the Zodiac Ranger for around $150 and thiscleaner comes with real hoses and a real cleaner head that can pick up dirt anddebris. The $79.99 price tag looks inviting but, in the end, you are throwingyour money away. The same goes for the cheap bargain Rosenberg TX pool equipment, use onlyhigh-quality pumps and filters, otherwise within a couple of years you will bespending even more money replacing them.

Onthe flip are those homeowners who have Rosenberg TX pool service but are always trying toshave off a nickel or dime here or there. It is a common thing we run into inthe industry where a customer refuses to replace non-working equipment or doesn’twant their filter cleaned on a regular basis to avoid the cleaning charge.There isn’t much that you can do as the Rosenberg TX pool service company except try toreplace your cheap customers with good paying customers as you build yourbusiness up. Once you have enough good customers you can gradually drop allyour cheap customers off your route.

Andlast if you are planning to get your Rosenberg TX pool remodeled or built be aware thatthere are many unlicensed contractors out there that will build a Rosenberg TX pool orremodel a Rosenberg TX pool for you on the cheap. Just be warned that the chances are youwill be rebuilding or re-remodeling the Rosenberg TX pool sooner than later. These fly bynight companies use poor construction standards and their work is suspect atbest. If you want to have your Rosenberg TX pool built or remodeled correctly hire a licensecontractor and pay the premium for that. It is worth the extra money to have areal professional do your project.