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Inthis Podcast I interview Danielle Bahr the President of SPPA. SPPA isa general liability insurance broker that specializes in Rosenberg TX pool servicecoverage. They offer various policies geared specifically for poolservice businesses.
We discuss the need for general liabilityinsurance as well as the policies offered by SPPA

Ifyou become a Patron on my Patreon site at the $10 or $20 level, youcan get a group policy rate of $50 per month. This also includes awaiver of the $100 annual renewal fee by SPPA. This is a 2/1 policyand will be sufficient in most cases. 2 Million for the life of thepolicy and 1 million per occurrence. This policy includes:

FireLegal Liability
MedPayements for one person
LimitedProfessional Liability
PoolPop_Up Coverage
LostKey & Lock Replacement
OrganicPathogen coverage
PollutionIncident Clean up cost Non-Auto (HAZMAT)
PollutionIncident Clean-Up Cost Auto (HAZMAT)

ALiability Policy is very inexpensive and there is no reason not tohave one. I learned this almost the hard way. I had a customer accuseme of leaving her gate open, luckily there was no incident. But itwasn't me who did it. I just shook that off as a one time deal. Thensix years ago I had another customer accuse me of leaving the poolfill water on. This one was more complicated and messy and made mesee the need to get some type of coverage. Now I have no worries outtheir in the field and can sleep easy at night.

LiabilityInsurance is just a way of transferring risk from you to someone withdeeper pockets. It is the same reason why you drive around with$500,000 in auto insurance and why you have fire insurance for yourhome. You couldn't afford to pay a claim in those two instances andyou certainly can't afford to pay a $50,000 or a $1 million dollarclaim against your Rosenberg TX pool service business.

Thatis why I highly recommend a General Liability Insurance policy. Ihave a great relationship with a local company here which offers thebest rates and uses only "A" rated underwriters. To learnmore about the policies offered by SPPA you can visit their website:

Ifyou service Commercial accounts you may need a larger policydepending on the requirements - usually a $2 million per occurrencepolicy.

Tojoin at the group rate and to learn more:

Patreon Benefitsat the $10 or $20 levels:

At the $10 levelsend me direct text messages and get real time on the spot help whileyou are out on your Rosenberg TX pool route.

At the $20 levelsend me text messages and also call me to get one on oneconsultations over the phone. You also get the following benefitslisted below.

LiabilityInsurance at a group rate of $50 per month. Employees are $39 permonth. This is a 2/1 policy. 1 million per occurrence and 2million total for the life of the policy. By being part of the groupyou also get the $100 application fee waived. If you need a largerpolicy you can get the Gold or Platinum Policy (1/3 and 2/4) andreceive 10% off your monthly premiums each month. This policy isoffered thru SPPA.

Also get a free listing on my websitefor your Rosenberg TX pool service business. My website generates leads for manyservice companies listed there and I will create a FREE link for youto send customers directly to your website.

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