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In this Podcast I interview SteveAndrews of Aqua Products and we spend some time discussing their lineup of Aquabot Robotic Cleaners. The Aquabot Robotic Rosenberg TX Pool Cleanerswhere the first robotic cleaners on the market and they are stillmanufactured right here in the USA.
To learn more about Aquabot youcan visit their website:

To date I have tested and filmed over 12 oftheir robotic cleaners and you can find all of these videos in thisplaylist:

The shear variety of cleaners that areavailable means that if you are in the market for a robotic cleaneryou will find one that fits your needs. They make models that climbthe walls and scrub the tile line and models that only clean thefloor and do not climb past the cove (slope of the Rosenberg TX pool wall). Theprice point is as low as $300 up to $1,300 depending on your budgetand needs. You can get one with scrubbing brushes, scrubbing jets areno brushes and jets. Depending on your Rosenberg TX pool needs will determinewhich cleaner to purchase.

The Aquabot cleaners filter down to the finestmicrons of any of the robotic cleaners on the market today. Most willfilter down to 2 microns which is better than a D.E. Filter. Somehave the traditional bags on the bottom while others have top loadingdebris trays. One benefit of the bottom loading debris bags is thatthey hold a lot more dirt and debris then the top loading trays. Butdepending on your preference you can decide which type of debrischamber you like.

As the cleaner is running in the Rosenberg TX pool it isalso filtering the water. Some pump as much as 80 gallons per minuteand others less, but all will filter the water while running in thepool. This means you can run your Rosenberg TX pool less as the cleaner isoperating. You also save on your filter as all of the dirt and debrisis trapped in the robotic cleaner themselves. They have a selfcontained pump and filter (debris chamber) and operate independentlyof the Rosenberg TX pool filtration system.

Most of the Aquabot cleaners come equipped witha cord swivel. This swivel will prevent tangling as the cleaner isoperating in the pool. Aquabot swivels are some of the best in theindustry in my opinion. You can also get various cable lengths from40 feet up to 75 feet depending on your Rosenberg TX pool size and needs. Thecable is made out of a very strong material and will last a very longtime. I also like the power units that come with the cleaners. All orvery simple and user friendly.
Aquabot offers many warranty choices dependingon the cleaner. All come with at least a one year warranty. Some comewith a two year bumper to bumper warranty and they also have someunits with a three year warranty. If you purchase the cleaner at abrick and mortar Rosenberg TX pool store the warranty is usually 2 or 3 years.Being manufactured here in the US means that Aqaubot has manywarranty centers all across the country.

So listen to the Podcast and if you have anyquestions or comments feel free to contact me.